Ironing Out the Wrinkles in Your Concepts

We tend to have a lot of ideas, and sometimes it’s overwhelming. Our roadmap is quite lengthy and we have a clear idea of the products we want to build. But we’re also picky about how our products will look and function; sometimes too much. I have not always been proud of all of our past product releases, so spending a little extra time to get things right I hope will make our products that much greater.

Over the years as I’ve made incremental improvements to products, I’ve often asked friends and colleagues what they thought of the current state of the design or functionality. Whenever possible I also ask a few existing clients (or potential new ones) what they also think. Asking others for their opinion gives a fresh new perspective to the work, and helps you validate a particular feature, color scheme, or design.

But we don’t stop there. There are a variety of design/concept sites that let you post screenshots of the product for the world to review. You can often get excellent feedback from other designers, or people that really enjoy discovering new products. These sites are essential for quick (but meaningful!) feedback on a current revision.

If you’re building your own products, feel free to drop us a line as we’re always interested in seeing what our peers are up too. We’d love to share our opinions. But most certainly be sure to try out some of these sites:

Happy product design!

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